XRTY App - Create Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign without App

Create and publish augmented reality experiences with our no-code, straightforward platform. Make a lasting impression with augmented reality 3D business cards that include holograms, films, photos, and interactive content.

With an interactive product showcase, you can let customers view your products from the comfort of their own homes and increase user interaction.

To make printed advertising unique and raise brand awareness, incorporate digital characters.


XRTY - WebAR Tracking System

Image tracking (Target image tracking)

Detect 2D images and display digital content over them in augmented reality on web

World tracking (Markerles tracking)

Recognize horizontal surfaces and place augmented reality objects in the real world

QR code tracking

Recognize QR codes with the augmented reality qr code generator and display AR content over them

Supporting Legacy and Low-End Devices

XRTY App is the most economical augmented reality solution since it runs on low-end anroid devices, unlike most app-based solutions, and it supports older devices.

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