iStory - Kids Storytelling with Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality

An innovative sort of augmented reality storytelling app, the iStory eBook platform offers a multisensory experience that makes storytelling time exciting and fun. As well as improving children's mental and physical agility, it aids in developing sensory development.

By introducing new concepts into a kid's world, such as those concerning our earth, other planets, different eras, and fictional characters, children's stories aid in the development of a child's mental processes.

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Importance of kids storytelling

Some of the best tools in the educator's arsenal have been made possible by technological advancements. They have created fresh possibilities for promoting learning and making the educational process entertaining for young children. And learning is more effective when children are having a good time. Because of this, augmented reality for children is the newest educational fad.

Animate your storytelling time with iStory eBook platform

It is created in a way that facilitates learning and enhances the bond between the child and parent. These bedtime tales for children might be of several kinds. A book, for instance, might be a physical replica of a conventional book that is connected digitally to offer a real-time experience.

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