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VisionLab - AI Based Front Desk Assistant

VisionLab - AI Assistance - Customer conversation  VisionLab - AI based front desk assistant  VisionLab - AI based front desk assistant

Customer Conversations

Mimics human sales brain and talks to customers in natural language

Digital brand persona

You can build your digital brand persona that can interact with customers

Product Recommendations

Real time tailored product & feature recommendations



Here are 3 ways AI-Based Avatar (Front Desk Assistant) can improve your hotel guest experience

 Quick response time

 Being able to answer questions in seconds makes Your customers feel more connected. They will have a better experience, especially during busy seasons and times when customers are looking for service. Answering questions in seconds will also make your employees feel much more valued, as they can focus on other work instead of answering repetitive questions. This can range from a simple front desk app to a full Avatar AI display, not only for check-in and check-out but also for the hotel's assistant. 

 High engagement rate  

 Travelers are more likely to book a room in a hotel that they find modern, trendy, and appealing. Above all, have fun! A good chatbot avatar can make guests feel like a VIP. People love to chat and are more likely to book if they feel they receive friendly, prompt service. In short, you will gain loyal, loyal customers and increase LTV. And that means more money. This is especially true for a large hotel chain. This is probably one of the big trends that we will see in the next few years. Imagine the AI hotel hype!

Real-time marketing 

Conversational AI can be integrated into a product or service and track user behavior in real-time. This will allow you to understand your customer's needs and deliver the right message at the right time. By using AI-Based FDA (Front Desk Assistant), you can ensure that your customers receive a quick response without having to wait in long queues.  The voice interface will be there on AI Avatar FDA

 In short, more income in the long run - AI Avatar can help you generate more income. Especially for large hotels with over 300 rooms. The Avatar AI chat system can be integrated into a product or service. With in-hotel AI that enables concierge staff access, hotel guests can now search and book rooms without needing to interact with a real human. And with AI in the hotel, guests can book/check-in instantly without spending too much time waiting. This can lead to more business opportunities and higher conversion rates. At the same time, AI Avatar will be able to attract more guests and speed up the check-in process and hotel sales. There are many opportunities for you to explore using AI! You name it,  AI has the power to make your life easier, your employees more productive, and your hotel more profitable. And it is not a trend that will end shortly, but it will continue to explode for many years to come.

AI-Based Front Desk Assistant will work with Multiple Use-Cases

VisionLab - AI Based Front Desk Assistant


 AI Avatar Configuration

 Back-end chatbot


- Support botpress API and custom configuration

- Support Image/Video

- Custom Action

DialogFlowCX :

- Support Google DialogFlowCX API integration

- Support Image/Video

- Custom Action

 Orientation : Landscape and Portrait


 VisionLab - AI Based Front Desk Assistant

 Touchless control  
VisionLab - AI Chat bot VisionLab - AI Chat bot
Workflow customization  
 Voice Input :  Support Speech to Text and TTS (Text to Speech)




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