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DoreAI provides the best AI mobile app development services. You can utilise our technology to effortlessly integrate into an existing application or our code to realise a brand-new idea. With just a few lines of code, the DoreAI SDK system can be quickly and easily integrated with any current mobile app project.

Available Offline

For optimum portability, all of our edge solutions operate entirely offline (even on airplane mode).


Dore Segment - Background Removal SDK For Mobile

At its core, DoreSegment divides a digital image into a background segment and a foreground segment (the human segment). It offers a Background Removal SDK for iOS and Android.

Perfect segmentation

Actually, it's utilised to comprehend the pixel-level contents of a provided image. It differs from image recognition, which gives labels to the entire image's background and foreground.

DoreSegment aims to identify each of the millions of individual pixels that make up a digital image and link them to the appropriate item. By segmenting an image, we may distinguish between the foreground and background, locate the subject, and delineate the precise boundaries between the human body and the rest of the image.

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Dore DeepStyle - AI Based Style-Transfer Photo filter SDK

With Dore DeepStyle, you can add the same features to your app in minutes using DeepStyle AI-based style-transfer photo Effect SDK. In addition to images, you can use this style transfer effect in real-time video as well.

More than 150 styles

For real-time operation on iOS and Android devices, Dore DeepStyle has enhanced its AI algorithms. We have trained more styles to develop Style Transfer. We developed a user-friendly mobile SDK that any developer may utilise to include style transfer into their applications. The entire processing is carried out in real-time on the device.

In reality, it's a method that combines two images—a content image and a style reference image (a style filter type)—so that the final output image keeps the essential components of the content image while appearing to be painted in the style of the style reference image. Dore DeepStyle offers more than 150 different types of styles (filter types) for free.

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DoreCartoon - Cartoon Converter for iOS And Android

With DoreCartoon SDK, any photo can be quickly transformed into a cartoon. It instantly converts a snapshot into a cartoon with several variations using a machine learning model, and it works with both iOS and Android.

Cartoonish Effects

The most cartoonish effects that inspire and engage people are provided by our DoreCartoon SDK. Developers may now easily make their own cartoon 2D avatar from a photo.

On-Device Cartoon Conversion (No need API / Cloud Integration)

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